Car Listing Terms & Conditions

Rock and Hop Cars For Sale Terms and Conditions.

This portion of our site is for display of vehicle for sale.  Any contact and/or transactions past this point are between the seller and buyer. Hospice South Canterbury takes no responsibility for the sale of the vehicles.  

Be clear and upfront: All Listings must be accurate, current, complete and include all relevant information and the key terms. For example, you must include an honest description of the vehicle, the terms of sale are, payment terms, shipping methods and who bears the cost of shipping are to be decided between you and the other party.  We strongly suggest that you get all of these details in writing before you go ahead with any sale.

 You agree to only list vehicles that are in your possession.

We’re not a party in any transactions between Members:Other than providing our Site as a venue, we don’t take any part in the sale or purchase of vehicles on our Site. All transactions and other contact between you and the purchaser is entirely at your risk.

That means that we aren’t liable or responsible for:

  1. The safety, quality or legality of any vehicles that are listed on the site, or the accuracy or truth of any Listings;
  2. Any guarantees or assurances that a Seller has made regarding a vehicle they have listed, including any implied warranties.

Plus it means that we give no guarantee or warranty:

  1. that any vehicle listed on our Site will meet your requirements or expectations;
  2. that any information posted on our Site, is error-free or reliable.

GST:If you are GST registered and you are a New Zealand based seller or you are a tax resident of New Zealand for the purposes of GST law, your advert if it includes a price must be in New Zealand dollars and include GST (if any) in the price. 

Keep it legal: Your Listing must comply with all laws. For example: (a) you must have the right to create the listing, e.g. don’t list vehicles that you don’t own or where ownership is disputed, such as a relationship property dispute; (b) the listing must be accurate and not misleading, which includes ensuring no material information is left out:

Use as intended You must use our services for their intended purpose (to sell a vehicle) and must not misuse it to advertise your business or manipulate search results. 

Our Liability:To the maximum extent permitted by law, you assume full responsibility for any loss or damage that results from your use of the site and services. We won’t be liable to you or any other person in connection with the services, this site, your use of the services or site, or another member’s acts or omissions, whether for negligence, breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise. We won’t be liable for anything that is outside of our reasonable control. We won’t be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect. For example, we won’t be liable for loss of profits, loss of business or anticipated savings, general or special damages, or consequential or incidental loss.